Here we answer our most common questions so that you have more information about us and our products.

Frequent questions

Online, in our physical stores in CDMX or in the stores where some distributors sell our products.

You can see the addresses on the Location page

Our offices are located in CDMX, but the artisans are located in:

-Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

-San Luis Amatlán, Oaxaca

-Tlamacazapa, Guerrero

-Los Reyes La Paz, State of Mexico

-Xocchel, Yucatan

-Becal, Campeche

-Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán

We mainly use wicker in most of the pieces, which is made in Tequisquiapan. We also use many palm leaves which are used in different communities such as Tlamacazapa, Bécal and San Luis Amatlán. Additionally, we use popotillo which is obtained from different places around Los Reyes La Paz and Tzintzuntzan. Finally we use henequen that is obtained and woven in Xocchel.

No, of the price you see for each of the products we give a third to each artisan who creates them. We allocate the other two thirds: 1) to company expenses and 2) to our profit. But our purpose is to maintain the work and knowledge of the artisans so their profit is the same as ours, which for us is fair trade.

All pieces of our jewelry are 18k gold plated.

We recommend for all pieces of jewelry and decoration:

1)Avoid contact with water as it accelerates rot. (Do not put them in the pool, shower or in the rain)

2)Decorative objects are recommended for indoor use. Sunlight also accelerates its color change.

3)Jewelry made with plant fibers can break easily, we recommend that you avoid storing it with products that could damage or break it.

Yes, we can make personalized jewelry pieces in size and color. We can also make decoration products to any desired size or color. You can send us a message or email.

Yes, we can review each case individually. Just write to us or send us an email to info@petate.mx

Yes, you can try them on in our stores in CDMX (Bazár del Saturday or Colonia Roma) or in the distributor stores. Or we can send you photos or videos either on social networks or by email.

Depending on your location, the page is configured to show prices in your local currency. Our pages are configured to appear in Mexican pesos (MXN) and American dollars (USD).